Friday, August 12, 2016

Screwing things up: The Royals Can be More than Kansas City

And it could be all done in just a brand name change.

Think:  the Kansas City Midland Royals.

But also imagine them part-timing (maybe even during regular season games) in Austin or Omaha and claiming that as their turf in play,...more than just on the tv set.  Or in some field of dreams or schemes in Iowa.  Sure, that would trounce on the likes of Cubs country and the good ol' Texas team, but what about lonely Nebraska(?).  Do Huskers care to root on MLB affiliates far away?  As of now, it's the Royals for them and Omaha is their big time affiliate.  Make them care more about Royals Nation Royals Country.

In those regular season MLB games in Omaha they could sport "O" hats or generically "R" hats, or just a ballcap with a king hat on it.  Imagine the blue jersey embossed as "Midland" or "Midland America" or "Heartland".

Stretch to the likes of Oklahoma City, Little Rock or even....New Orleans.

I know we're screwing with TV turf here with the whole riches of regional sports networks.  But toss these ideas out there.  Spitball the hell out of what we imagine as insurmountable.

Have any regional ideas of your own you'd like to dance around?

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