Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Next MLB Expansion should be Canada and Mexico. The 'Jacks and Toros

Portland and Charlotte can be taken care of with the A's and Rays situation. 

Well, that could be the case if the big leagues could embrace a multi-nodal home and barnstorming feel.  West Coast Athletics is an awesome brand whether they play nestled up to the Giants or not.  And my stated case has been that Portland and Las Vegas may only be part-time towns for the big show.

And places like Mexico City, Monterrey and their nation....would have a brand to rally around.

Ditto for Montreal again.  And Vancouver.

So, why not have a Mexico brand play in two places?
Why not the North Country Lumberjacks splitting home time between Vancouver and Montreal?  It would be an even hotter ticket, even for the French.

Smaller number of seats in two place, apparel sales, and constantly nationally televised games makes it nearly a no-brainer, and I'm confident this showcase would overcome concerns.  BC place is a nice place.  Mexico could bolster infrastructure around some wonderful Williamsport-styled seating.

What are your thoughts?  Nashville/Memphis combo or Charlotte instead of Tampa?

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