Thursday, August 3, 2017

An Alternative for Athletics Baseball: Anchorage and Honolulu. Yup!

And they'd simply be called the West Coast Athletics.

For those of you who read my blog (you know who you are, I don't know who you are ......and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know who you are, and I thank you), you might be sick of hearing me repeat this West Coast A's brand over and over again.  But MLB isn't expanding until stadium fixations are taken care of for the current Oakland and Tampa Bay area based teams.  And boy Bay Areas technically already have MLB.  I have fixes or modifications to satisfy situations to keep MLB for them while the A's and Rays vacate.  Sounds weird?!  Or have you heard of (read) my fixes before?

If you snapped at my hook, ...well, I know it's more of an exhibitiony' feel for Hawaii and Alaska to host MLB and I'm all about them just making regular season appearances deep in the Summer for Alaska (A DAY NIGHT GAME!, if you know what I'm saying) and anytime you really want for the warm Pacific Island.

And I'd like to see the Giants recoin themselves the California Giants.  Every once in awhile they could go for some Redwoods benefit/charity at the ballpark (adding a dollar a tickey and donation buckets about, or some such), all the while having a tree as the emblem on their hat.

And the A's could move, either part-time to Las Vegas (because right now they're a part-time town too), or to Portland, and/or Las Vegas.  Option, also, Vancouver, but let me settle down and not get too crazy.
Used to be Philadelphia A's

South Coast Rays?:

An Alternative for Rays Baseball: New Orleans

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