Friday, June 30, 2017

So,....FC Cincinnati it is. That was Fast. Build it

Cincinnati boost MLS hopes with incredible crowd, victory:

Quick, fast, and seemingly outta' nowhere
Cinci and Soccer fans, you'll care about this part...
And where are we building it, Cinci?

Charlotte, your case for Queen City has been closed and Cincinnati owns it.  I would've about bet the farm that St. Louis or Carolina would've been more front and center for an expansion than Cinci.  But obviously that fault line of youth soccer bubbling over the years has been underblown.  It's bigger than that.  That lava in Cinci has exploded and burned the air.

Not only is there a hunt for MLS FCC location, there's beckoning for where the practice facility should be, essentially Mason, West Chester, Eastgate (Clermont County) or even the West End (for possible stadium location also).

The most public buzz for the stadium has been around Oakley and Newport across the river (for which the stadium rendering was drawn).

Okay, so yeah, the question MLS-wide is which two teams?

Cinci in the Eastern Conference and Sac-town in the West named by end year ....???

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